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Authority Seeks Rezoning of 140 Acres

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RALEIGH — If the Centennial Authority gets its way,the landscape around Carter-Finley Stadium will change dramatically. Theauthority, which is planning Raleigh's entertainment and sports arena,wants 140 adjacent acres rezoned so that hotels, restaurants and bars canbe built.

The acreage is now zoned for office and institutional use. If theCity of Raleigh gives the okay, the land would be classified as athoroughfare district, which permits denser and more varied development.

The tract is south of Wade Avenue, west of Blue Ridge Road, north ofTrinity Road and east of the Edwards Mill extension, which is now underconstruction.

The West Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council opposes allowing anydevelopment on the 140 acres other than sports facilities and parkinglots.

"Thoroughfare district, without any conditions, is essentially a blankcheck for development," said Matt Andrews, the council's chairman. "If itwere on US 70, 140 acres, it would never be approved."

The authority declined the advisory council's request to restrictdevelopment of the site voluntarily.

The Raleigh Planning Commission endorsed the rezoning in an 8 - 2 vote last month.

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