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Investigation Into Fayetteville Murder Continues

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FAYETTEVILLE — A Cumberland County man whose body wasfound in a field late Thursday night was murdered in that very field,police say.

Police now know, from evidence collected in the field, thatGary Schutz's hands were tied with a phone cord and that his killer orkillers slit his throat not far from where his body was found by twoCumberland County men.

It's what everyone feared. A life ended,leaving family, friends,even neighbors, like Gerry Ennis, wondering why.

Just hours after 48-year-old Gary Schutz's abandoned car was found, twomen stumbled upon his body, ten miles away in another heavily wooded area.

Jerry Maynor and William Chapman found Schutz Thursday night whilerunning rabbits in the field.

Investigators waited for daylight before moving the surveyor's body,hoping to find more clues to his death. They called in search dogs andthe Highway Patrol helicopter.

Some questions are slowly being answered. Investigators now know thatSchutz was murdered in the woods, and dragged about 50 yards to where hewas found.

Ennis says she is frightened by this crime and is consideringmoving.

Deputies are wondering if anyone saw anything due to the remote natureof the site where Schutz was murdered. Police are going to wait forautopsy results and go on from there.

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