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Dorms to be Direct to the Net

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CHAPEL HILL β€” The first segment of a wiring projectis underway that will ultimately put all 29 campus residence halls at theUniversity of North Carolina-Chapel Hill directly on line. Four high-risedorms -- Craige, Morrison, Hinton James and Ehringhaus -- are expected tohave in-room computer access in spring 1998.

The four high-rise halls will be covered in the first phase becausethey house about half of the on-campus population. All residence hallsshould be re-wired by summer 1999. Old East and Old West dorms -- recently renovated -- already have computer network access from individual rooms.

Currently, students with personal computers in other dorms use modemconnections, which can be slow and frustrating, to link to theuniversity's computer network and to the Internet. When all students havetheir own computer jacks, data transfer will be more efficient because itwill be direct.

"The project will allow for many of the computer lab services to beprovided directly in campus residents' rooms," said Rebecca Casey,assistant director of University Housing. "These services include accessto library catalogs, courseware, e-mail and the World Wide Web."

The $10 million wiring project will also provide video services. Inaddition to standard cable television offerings, academic-related channelswill be offered.

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