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Illegal Drag Race Turns Tragic, Kills Two

Posted December 28, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— Two fast cars, a bundle of cash, and an illegal drag race take a tragic and deadly turn.

It's part of a bizarre Nash County accident that killed two men and injured six others Friday night.

Dead are 47-year-old Tommy Bunn, and 39-year-old Theodore Daniel, who would have turned 40 Saturday.

The six others injured are: 59-year-old Benjamin Bacon of New York, believed to be one of the drivers; James Dixon, 46; Antonio Taylor, 24; Tonecellis Marshall; Donald Daniel, 46, and Sherry Jones, 51.

Bacon is in guarded condition at Nash General Hospital, Dixon is in serious condition at Pitt Memorial Hospital, Taylor is at Nash General Hospital, his condition is unknown. Marshall was discharged from Nash General, Daniel and Jones are both in serious condition at Pitt Memorial Hospital after being taken by lifeflight last night.

The accident happened last night in northern Nash county. Police say two men took off down secondary road 1515. Then one of the cars lost control and plowed into the crowd of spectators.

The car also hit three other cars parked beside the road, causing them to burst into flames, charring everything around them, killing two people and injuring six others.

Some neighbors, like Charlene Deans, say the charred remains won't keep others from racing again. Deans say that, during the last five years, racing has become more and more common on the secondary road that passes in front of her house.

Several people who were on the scene say there were bets of up to $100,000 on this race alone. With that kind of money at stake, some people say that people will race regardless of the consequences shown by this particular race.

The thrill of victory and all its hype pumped into one short race. A big game for some, only now the consequences might seem a bit more real.

Troopers say no one has yet been charged in relation to the race, because everyone is still being treated for their injuries. Those who were driving, though, could be charged with involuntary manslaughter, and those watching could be charge with aiding and abetting in a prearranged race.