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Girl Learns Giving Better Than Getting, Even With Elmo

Posted December 27, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— His laugh made him famous, and scarce. So scarce that shoppers have been offering big buck for Elmo.

All the hype didn't faze a Bladen County girl, who decided to give hers away.

Penny Johnson, the giver's aunt, noted that not many twelve-year-olds would give away such a coveted gift.

That's right. Twelve-year-old Jamie Ford decided the red-haired, big-eyed creature would be happier with someone less fortunate.

Friday Jamie delivered Elmo to someone she knew would appreciate his humor, six-year-old Jessica Gwen. The bubbly recipient was all smiles when she found Elmo beneath the Christmas paper.

A small gift for a girl who has faced too many obstacles in her short life. She was born prematurely, which forced doctors to give her a trachiotomy, and amputate one of her legs above the knee.

Sonja Huff said the gift showed that there are people around who care.

Maybe it's a lesson for all of us, who think Christmas is too often wrapped up in the hype, and the true meaning lost.

Jamie Ford knows the real meaning of Christmas.

A special kind of love for a stranger, who is now also a friend. Reported byTerri Gruca.