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Police Find Woman's Body in Warehouse

Posted December 26, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— Raleigh Police have identified an African-American woman whose body was found in a warehouse on West St. as 35 year-old Deborah Jean Elliot.

Police apparently found at least two articles of clothing in the area nearby. Officers said that Elliot was not clothed at all when her body was found Thursday.

Major O.L. Hinton said he hoped that police would know the cause of death soon, and then would move on from there.

Police say the David G. Allen Co. has been using this building, which some may recall as the old Pine State building, as a warehouse. They don't know whether this woman was an employee, or perhaps was a vagrant.

Police will not say who discovered the woman, and they are trying to pin down the last time someone was in the building.