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Holiday Kindness Places Gifts With Rightful Owners

Posted December 26, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— The Christmas gifts lost by one woman in Raleigh Christmas Eve should be on their way to their intended recipients, a family in Cary, this evening.

Bill Zevin and Wendy Korobkin were on their way home Christmas Eve when several presents fell out of a truck traveling in front of them on Glenwood Avenue.

The truck driver apparently didn't notice. By the time Bill and Wendy retrieved the packages from the road, the truck was gone.

The gifts are from someone named Laurie. Wendy was to meet up with Laurie Thursday evening to return the gifts.

It turns out that the gifts may have been lost by someone who shouldn't have had them in the first place, though. The woman who claims to have lost the presents says she didn't lose them at all. She says they were stolen from the back of her truck at a Cary supermarket.

Driving away, the holiday thieves apparently lost the packages out of the back of their truck, right in front of Wendy. Now, Christmas can be salvaged for some people, due to the kindness of one woman.