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Not Busiest Travel Day, but Busy Enough

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MORRISVILLE — The holiday travel rush is in fullswing at RDU International Airport as thousands leave the Triangle areafor holiday destinations elsewhere.

Airport officials say they began Friday with long lines early in themorning, but that most people had prepared for crowds and possible delaysand had arrived in plenty of time to make their flights.

The motto of many was 'hurry up and wait' as they tried to find parkingspots and get to ticket counters.

Midway Airlines Director Chris Martin says the midweek holiday makesfor an early start on travel.

Airlines are urging people to arrive early at the airport and limittheir carry-on luggage. While most travelers expect a crunch, they aren'tnecessarily happy about it. Heath Aldridge says some of the chaos could beavoided.

Even if the ticket-counter lines weren't so long, parking alone wouldprovide reason enough to arrive early. The airport has more than 10,000parking spaces but they fill up quickly at peak travel times.

Once travellers are parked, though, there are still many lines to befound inside, as Terry Conroy found out the hard way.

Recommended for Friday evening are satellite parking lots from whichyou can take a shuttle bus to the terminals. There are 1,500 new spots inthat lot.

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