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Dads Strike Back at Deadbeat Crackdown

Posted December 17, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— Governor Jim Hunt's crackdown on parents who fail to pay court-ordered child support is being hailed as a great success with more than $13 million in support collected so far. But one group of parents say they will refuse to play by the rules, and with good reason.

The group calls itself FAC (pronounced FAKE), for Fathers Against the Crackdown. Members say they are not being allowed to see their children and they don't want to pay until they have proper visitation rights. They say they will deliberately become the parents Governor Hunt is looking for.

One member said fathers in the group are not being allowed to see their children, and they refuse to pay until that changes.

Mary Beth Horton has worked in Wake County's domestic court for 15 years. She says there is a problem. About every week, she says, 10 men come in saying mothers are not honoring visitation rights and all she can do is tell them to get an attorney.

Mike Adams of Governor Hunt's Child Support Enforcement Agency says his office is sympathetic with parents who have visitation problems.