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McNeil Attorney Denies Allegations

Posted December 16, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— Allegations of sexual harassment and racism in the Durham Police Department were addressed publicly Monday afternoon for the first time when lawyers for Chief Jackie McNeil spoke at a press conference.

McNeil faces alawsuitfiled by a group of police officers, including Paul Martin. In it, McNeil is charged with allowing misconduct to occur and retaliating against those who reported it.

Attorney Sherrod Banks told the gathering of reporters that none of the charges put forth in the lawsuit are true. He specifically addressed an item accusing McNeil of being too lenient on a sergeant in trouble.

Banks ran down the complete list of charges from the lawsuit and said each was either untrue or rumor.

Banks went on to say that McNeil is tired of hearing about these charges and decided to relate his side of the story. McNeil did not appear at the press conference.

McNeil recently delegated his administrative duties to another officer to head up a task force geared toward reducing crime in Durham. He said he made the move on his own, and that he intends to return to his duties soon.