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Lawyers Seek to have Confession Thrown Out

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DURHAM — Defense attorneys for a man accused ofkilling a Wilmington teenager are trying to suppress an alleged confession.

Investigators say Todd C. Boggess, 21, toldthem he killed Todd Pence inAugust 1995. Today, Boggess' attorneys are in Durham Superior Court tryingtoget those incriminating statementsthrown out of court.

Boggess and second defendant, Melanie Gray of Durham, who was 14 at thetime, are accused of driving away with Daniel Lee Pence in Pence's carfrom Wrightsville Beach on Aug. 22, 1995. That was the lasttime Pence, a 17-year-old honor student at Wilmington'sLaney High School, was seen alive.

Twelve hours later, Pence was found deadin an old house in northern Durham County, 150 miles away.Investigators think the victim was taken in his own car, againsthis will, to a wooded hillside.

The trial is scheduled for next year. District Attorney Jim Hardin isseeking the death penalty for Boggess.

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