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Courts Have New Weapon In Fight Against Deadbeat Parents

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HILLSBOROUGH — Nearly 150 so-called "deadbeatparents" in Orange County had their day in court Tuesday. This was thefirst round-up of parents who are behind in their child support paymentssince a new law allowing license revocation went into effect December 1.

This is the fourth year Orange County has brought such parents intocourt, but the new law appears to have improved collections.

Orange County has notified 230 offenders that they collectively owetheir children $1.3 million. Some parents say they must come to courtmonth after month to try to collect.

Child Enforcement Director Janet Sparks says the new law has given thema weapon with whichto enforce the law.

Even the parents who were in court Tuesday for not paying their childsupport admit the money needs to be paid. They say this new law willencourage them to come up with the money.

Most say they were surprised to find themselves in court Tuesday. Somewere even more surprised to find themselves jailed.

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