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Alleged Carjacking Victim In Jail For Lying To Police

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RALEIGH — Police say the man who told them he was thevictim of a carjacking lied about it.

Wednesday night, John Kaczmarek told police someone held him atgunpoint and took off with his car.

Police say they were suspicious right from the start, and Friday night,they got a break in the case.

Police say that in his interview with them, Kaczmarek confessed to thecrime. He was arrested and placed in jail Friday.

Police believe that Kaczmarek may be using an alias, because they did abackground check and found out that several insurance companies had falseclaims filed by him. The claims were not all under the same name, butthe claims were connected by the same fingerprints.

At this time, Kaczmarek is still being held in Wake County Jail unti hecan provide police with a birth certificate, passport, or some type ofproof of real identification.

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