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Fort Bragg Remembers Murdered Fayetteville Couple

Posted December 6, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— A moment to grieve, to remember, to look ahead. Soldiers, family and friends gathered at the main post chapel today, one year after a black Fayetteville couple was murdered, and three Fort Bragg soldiers linked to the crime.

It changed the way Fort Bragg looked at racism, making them look more closely at soldiers, their tattoos, the groups they get involved in, and require all of them to take equal opportunity classes.

Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Jamison says that's where the Army is no different than the real world, where racism rears its ugly head on a daily basis, and where different people share different views.

But change has to start somewhere. Fort Bragg leaders say remembering this one event a year ago will keep them moving in the right direction.

The 82nd Airborne division stressed today that they have dealt with it. They pinpointed 21 soldiers in all of this that they said had extremist views.

As for the three soldiers that have been focused on in this case, one soldier stands to go to court in January, and no dates have been set for the other two.