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Police Seek Jewel Thieves in Rocky Mount

Posted December 5, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— Police in Rocky Mount are hunting for a gang of jewel thieves. The suspects got what they were after, but there's another side to the story they're going to learn for the first time.

The entire robbery was caught on videotape, and they are telling businesses throughout the area to be forewarned.

Two men, posing as customers, pulled off one of the oldest scams known to law enforcement. One distracted the employee while the other grabbed $10,000 worth of jewelry and tucked it away.

Both men were long gone before anyone in the store realized what had happened.

This crime occurred at a department store in Tarrytown Mall, but Rocky Mount Police Lt. Wayne Sears says it could happen anywhere.

Police released the video to alert other businesses to the scam. They hope to ward off what could become a rash of thefts throughout the area, because it's an easy and profitable crime.

Police want anyone who recognizes either of the men in the video to call Rocky Mount Crimestoppers at 919-977-1111.