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Hall Says He is Innocent of Blockbuster Crime

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RALEIGH — It is a case that has kept Raleigh policebusy for three years, and while they say they've caught the man whokilled a Blockbuster Video clerk in 1994, the suspect says he's innocent.

WRAL TV5'sAmanda Lambobtained anexclusive interview with Vincent Hall in the city jail. Hall told her hewas framed.

Hall (pictured above with Lamb, and at right) was serving time at theHarnett County Correctional Institution onan unrelated charge when he was charged in connection with the shootingdeath of Keir Lohbeck (pictured below, left). While incarcerated, policesay Hall bragged toanother inmate about the Raleigh killing. Hall, however, says the otherinmate made up the story in order to get immunity or a lighter sentence.

Hall admits to having had entanglements with the law. In the past he'sbeen charged with credit card fraud and robbery. But the former NorthCarolina State student who was studying criminal justice says he is notcapable of murder.

Police have charged Hall with shooting and killing Lohbeck in theMission Valley Blockbuster parking lot on January 25, 1994. Investigatorswon't say what evidence they have, but Hall says they're going on the wordof that other inmate.

Hall says he doesn't remember what he was doing on the night Lohbeckwas killed.

As he made his first court appearance Tuesday, Hall's mother andbrother watched the proceedings. Hall says, despite what the police say,he intends to take his case to trial and win.

Hall is formally charged with first degree murder and attemptedrobbery. he is being held in the Wake County jail without bond.

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