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Little Rascals Case Back in Court

Posted December 2, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— The man accused in the Little Rascals daycare child abuse case was back in court Monday.

The judge denied a defense motion to dismiss new charges against former daycare owner Robert Kelly, Jr. The new charges, from 1987 and unrelated to the daycare center, were filed earlier this year in Chowan County.

Kelly was convicted and sentenced in 99 counts of sexual abuse at the center in North Carolina's most expensive trial, but a new trial on those charges, which were made at about the same time as the daycare charges, was ordered last year. newcharges involve a 9-year-old girl who did not attend the center. Prosecutors want these new charges settled before the Little Rascals case goes back to court.

Kelly's attorney says the new charges "... came from out of nowhere ..." and that they should have been reported and processed nearly 10 years ago.

Kelly told WRAL TV5'sMark Robertshe is still a target.

The defense claims the prosecution knew of this new charge in 1992 and said the fact that the case is only being brought to trial now is vindictiveness on the part of prosecutors.

Lamb took the witness stand Monday and was questioned by her co-counsel. Lamb claimed she knew nothing about the case until the Little Rascals case had been overturned.