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Boy Afraid to Leave House After Being Bitten

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RALEIGH — A 12-year-old Raleigh boy is recoveringfrom a dog bite, but now fears he might be attacked again. The dog thatattacked him is moving back in next door.

Miquel Lombard is celebrating his 12th birthday by having stitchesremoved from his right thigh. A neighbor's German shepherd wandered intohis yard and bit him nine days ago.

The dog, named Shadow, is quarantined at Wake County's animal shelter.It also bit an animal control officer on the hand. Shadow's owners havebeen notified that Shadow is a dangerous dog, and must be confined andcontrolled at all times.

Miquel's mother, Carole Lombard, says her son is not the only one who'safraid.

Miquel Lombard has three pet dogs of his own which the Lombard familykeeps confined. He says he is afraid of Shadow returning and hopes hisneighbors will keep the dog under control.

Carole Lombard says Shadow's owners have never apologized or inquiredabout Miquel's condition.

Shadow's owners declined to comment Monday.

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