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Highways Clogged as Holiday Travel Begins

Posted November 27, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— If holiday traffic is considered a headache, Interstate-40 north of Durham was a migraine Wednesday evening as over 1 million North Carolinians took to the roads to visit families and loved ones on Thanksgiving.

The area under construction, where traffic is narrowed to one lane, had vehicles backed up for over two miles at 6 p.m. Gridlock prevailed in both directions.

State Trooper John Paul Keon says he's been watching holiday travelers in this area for 25 years and conditions seem to be getting worse each year. He says construction zones add a dangerous element.

As surely as there is traffic on the roads this weekends, there will be troopers as well.

Keon says if everyone would simply slow down and pay attention, conditions would be much safer.