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Mall Security Tries to Foil Crime

Posted November 25, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— With less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, shopping malls are already packed with holiday shoppers. That means crafty thieves will be out earlier as well.

For their parts, malls have added extra security for holiday shoppers, but security guards have some common-sense advice to those who'd rather not be the target of a criminal.

Every year, they say, some consumers make costly mistakes like leaving car doors unlocked and leaving tempting packages on car seats within easy view.

Shopper Clyde Rolfe says he thinks about safety before he goes into a mall.

Shopper Natasha Livingston says she likes to be aware of what's going on around her inside malls and in parking lots.

Even though it sounds like simple common sense, Crabtree Mall Security Chief Jim Conder says people tend to get careless when they are rushed.

Conder adds that people often forget where they park, which makes finding one's car difficult in a crowded lot.

If shoppers follow all the precautions, security officers say they should have no problems, but say they'll be around in case trouble begins.

One final word of warning from those who know. Be careful not to flash money or valuable purchases around while you're near or in a mall.