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Army's Sexual Misconduct Probe Now Includes Fort Bragg

Posted November 14, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— An investigation into possible sexual misconduct is underway at Fort Bragg.

The 528th Special Operations Support Battalion and the Army's Criminal Investigation Command are looking into an incident involving a male non-commissioned officer and a female non-commissioned officer.

The alleged misconduct took place Nov. 10 at an off-post residence.

The female soldier alleged that a man in her battalion committed an indecent act, said Carol Jones, a spokeswoman for the Army's Special Operations Command. Both soldiers are members of the 528th Special Operations Support Battalion.

Jones said she did not know whether either of the two people involved outranked the other.

In the wake of growing allegations, the Army says it will send investigators to all 16 of its training bases, including the largest, Fort Jackson in Columbia.

Pentagon spokesman Sam Grizzle called the move precautionary. He noted no evidence has surfaced that the other services. are experiencing particular problems similar to those of the Army.

The Army is embroiled in what has become a national scandal of sexual harassment. At a Missouri base, a male drill sergeant has been sentenced to five months in a military jail for having sex with female soldiers. And Army instructors at a base in Maryland have been charged with raping and harassing female recruits.

Also on Wednesday, it was reported that a recruiting office in Massachusetts is now under Army scrutiny for alleged sexual improprieties.

The Army has reportedly suspended a recruiter in Springfield, accused of raping a woman who was considering enlisting. The Union-Newsin Springfield, Mass., reports the Army is also probing test-cheating allegations raised against the office.