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More Body Parts Found in Durham

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DURHAM — In their continuing investigation of adecomposed, severed corpse found in an East Umstead Street drainage ditch,Durham police located the body's head Monday around noon. The majorportion of the body had been spotted Sunday by a passerby.

Police are trying to determine identity. Two driver's licenses werefound in a wallet with the body, but one is for a man currently in prison.The other ID is from out of state, and detectives are trying to find thatperson.

The body has been taken to the medical examiner's office in ChapelHill. Tests are underway to determine if it was a homicide, drug overdoseor from natural causes. If the death was violent, police might knowquickly what happened. But if toxicological tests are needed, that willtake longer.

No missing person reports match preliminary descriptions of the man.

The extensive deterioration of the body indicates death might haveoccurred four to eight weeks ago. His body could have been swept into thecity sewer system from as far away as Interstate 40 or Angier Avenue.dd

Police have interviewed nearby residents, but none reported seeing orhearing anything amiss. No one knows how long the body might have been inthe culvert.

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