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AAA Says More Aggressive Drivers On Roads

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RALEIGH — If it seems like there are more aggressivedrivers on the roads, it's because there are. The American AutomobileAssociation just released the results of a study showing that NorthCarolina's growing population has led to a hefty increase in aggression onbusy roadways, a trend that's being seen nationwide.

Traffic Safety Director for the DMV Mark Fountain says unfortunately,there will be more of it.

Motorist Barbara Camp has found she often encounters aggression on N.C.roads.

Driver Jeff Cartee says he's been the target of angry drivers as well.

The AAA's best advice for avoiding trouble includes the following tips:

  • Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles on the road.
  • Avoid making eye-contact with an aggressive driver.
  • Don't react to provocation.
  • Don't take aggression personally.
  • Avoid erratic drivers.
  • Remain calm
  • Driver Cheri Burnett says she has her own way of handling suchsituations.

    The practice is dangerous, and you can be caught off-guard by anaggressive driver cutting in front of or behind you or tailgating. Infact, incidents where driving aggression leads to violence involvingweapons are also on the increase.

    According to AAA aggressive driving accidents involving death orinjuriesare up 10 percent since 1990.