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Higher Air Fares for Holiday Trips

Posted November 7, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— The signs are all around. The holiday season is fast approaching and for many it means now's the time to buy a ticket home. This year, it's also going to mean higher prices for those who plan to fly.

Unless you already have a plane ticket in hand, fares will probably be high and the word is they'll only get higher. Travel agent Susan Jordan says agents and airlines are suddenly getting swamped with calls from people who haven't booked flights yet.

Many did book in advance and that's part of the reason why prices are so high and lines so long at RDU International airport. Traveler Mitchell Paige says he's glad he made his plans in advance.

Those like Danisha Thomas, a traveler who decided to try her luck and just show up at the airport, say they were surprised.

Jordan says this is one of the most difficult times of year to travel, with Thanksgiving being a peak time. The Sunday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest single day of travel in the year. She says planning and booking trips three months in advance is best.

Jordan also advises travelers to arrive at airports one-to-two hours before the scheduled departure time.