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Some Who Say They Registered to Vote Turned Away at Polls

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FAYETTEVILLE — A number of Cumberland Countyresidents are still waiting for word on whether their votes will count.About 1,000 ballots were cast by people who thought they were registered,but whose names did not appear on the registrar's lists.

The people were allowed to vote, but election staff must first verifytheir eligibility. Most of those voters say they registered at voterdrives either at a shopping mall or ag Greekfest.

Joyce Carter is one of many Board of Elections workers trying to sortit all out before Friday. She says most of the unverified voters say theyregistered, but it can't yet be proven.

Bob Campbell, supervisor of the Cumberland County Board of Elections,says they decided to get the votes on paper, then find out if they'llcount.

Carter says it's ultimately the voter's responsibility to take thesteps necessary to register and to make sure that the registration wasvalid. She says this group of people are sure they registered, and thatfor the next two days, workers will try to find out.

Cumberland County Board of Elections officials say it's too early toknow if any of the provisional votes will make a difference in some closeraces.

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