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More Tainted Candy Turns Up in Cumberland County

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FAYETTEVILLE — Investigators in Cumberland County aretrying to figure out where a piece of tainted Halloween candy came from.

They say a sharp metal instrument of some sort was found when11-year-old Jasmine Tampiron bit into a Milky Way candy bar she wastreated to on Halloween.

Jasmine's mother Amy Sickles says she took Jasmine to thehospital, and took the candy to police.

Jasmine was checked at the hospital, and was determined to be okay. TheSheriff's office took the candy bar and metal object into evidence.

Now, they say, they are left with trying to figure out who wouldendanger a child in such a manner.

After trick-or-treating for a while, Jasmine says she took her candy toan area fire department to have her candy X-rayed. Then, however, shecollected some more candy before going home. It is believed she picked upthe tainted candy at that time.

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