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Weather Gets Credit for Biggest Fair Ever

Posted October 28, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

— Great weather is getting the credit for helping to make the 1996 North Carolina State Fair the most well-attended ever. Nearly 760,000 people came out for the fair, beating the previous record from 1991 by about 50,000.

But, all those people can leave a big mess behind, and a massive clean-up effort began Monday. Tents and temporary buildings must be dismantled and carted away, rides have to come down and board the train out-of-town, and everything left on the ground has to be picked up and disposed of.

Jim Knight, media director for the fair, says it will be a busy week.

Record attendance means record profits as well. This year the gate-take alone was close to $3 million, all of which gets cycled back into operating the fairs and keeping up the grounds.