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Wayne County Man Back on the Internet after...

Posted October 23, 1996 12:00 a.m. EDT

— For many people, computers are a diversion or a tool for doing business, but forMichael Flowof Mount Olive, computers are a window on the world.

Hurricane Fran tried to close that window, and Flow, a quadriplegic , called WRAL OnLine for help.

Fran showed Flow what life would be like without his computer. There wasn't much left of it after the storm, and repairs would have cost Flow several hundred dollars he says he didn't have. He was worried.

Hoping to find empathy on the World Wide Web, Flow decided to send a plea for help to WRAL OnLine. Managing Editor John Conway responded.

Flow says he got back where he belongs ... back on his window on the world ... back on the Internet.

Flow, who was paralyzed after falling victim to a violent crime more than eight year ago, also uses his computer as a source of income in desktop publishing. He makes business cards and brochures.