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Cadillac Owners Locked Out

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RALEIGH — There's a mystery that has Cadillacengineers very busy and owners baffled. Last Friday, the keyless remotesystems on 1994 and 1995 Cadillacs were disrupted, affecting owners anddealers all over North and South Carolina.

At Thompson Cadillac-Oldsmobile in Raleigh, alarms started beeping andtrunks started popping open all at the same time. And no one seems to knowwhy it happened.

Cadillac owner James Williams says he'd like to know what's going on.

John Reeves of Thompson Cadillac says mechanics have to reprogram thekeyless remotes and on some models they have to disconnect the system inorder to reset it. But, he says, no one can explain it.

The interference, while it can be an inconvenience for owners, poses nosafety hazard to drivers, and dealerships are reprogramming the remotesfree of charge.

Cadillac engineers say there are three possible culprits: weather, hamradio operation and, most likely, some military transmission.