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McNeill Gets Life In Prison

Posted October 18, 1996 12:00 a.m. EDT

— It's life in prison for Robert McNeill in the second Food Lion murder case. His brother Elmer Ray recieved the death sentence for the 1993 murders of John Ray and Mike Truelove.

Jurors deadlocked in the trial that wrapped up this afternoon.

Judge Donald Stephens stepped in and imposed life in prison on McNeill saying he is "an extremely dangerous man and he should never be parolled."

The jury deadlocked ten to two: ten for death, two for life.

The jury foreman (pictured at right in photo at right) got very emotional with the victim's family members. But Juror Jamie Livengood (pictured below, left) says he pushed for death.

After sentencing, Robert McNeill was taken immediately to Raleigh's Central Prison. His parents followed out of the courthouse, one son on death row, the other sentenced to life.

While Shirley Myers (pictured below, left), the mother of victim Mike Truelove, wanted the death penalty, she was satisfied with the judges decision.

Robert McNeill received two life terms, plus 40 years for armed robbery, and ten years for conspiracy to commit armed robbery. He could be eligible for parole in 60 years.