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Peanuts: A Bright Spot in a Blighted Year

Posted October 17, 1996 12:00 a.m. EDT

— North Carolina farmers have had it rough this year, but thereisfinally some good news from down on the farm if, that is, this spell of good weather holds out just a little longer.

The hardy crop is peanuts, and Gary Roberts (pictured below, right) is wasting no time in hauling in his 78 acre crop. The goobers, he says, are bright, big and a blessing.

Roberts says it's been a great peanut harvest so far. He points out dry, brittle vines as a good indicator. Not all of his fields look so good, however.

The last thing most farmers want to see after August and September is more rain, so they are keeping a wary eye on the sky

With the pressure on, Roberts says he is lucky to be getting some much-needed help from a friend. Clinton Butler (pictured below) says he's glad to help out.

Listen toaufile.

Roberts has managed to get 24,000 pounds of peanuts harvested and, with mother nature's cooperation, should get at least that much more.

Then, he has to figure out how to salvage more than 30 acres of corn that was blown down by Hurricane Fran.