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Police Uncover Apparent Car Theft Ring

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FAYETTEVILLE — Investigators have found 12 sleek,sophisticated and sporty cars in Robeson County, and think they might havestepped into an auto-theft ring. The total value of the cars is over$300,000, and all were stolen between March and September of 1996.

One of the cars was brought into the state from Maryland. The otherswere brought from eight different places throughout North Carolina.Investigators say they heard about the stolen vehicles from various policedepartments, then heard the cars might be in Robeson County.

Wednesday, that's exactly where they found them. According toInvestigator Fred McKinney of the State Bureau of Investigation, most ofthe cars are considered by many to be "dream cars".

Most of the cars were new with low mileage. Some had dealer tags onthem. All were found at Revel's Automotive, Inc., a Robeson Countydealership.

Captain Billy Thomas of the Division of Motor Vehicles says it lookslike a typical auto-theft ring.

Workers at Revel's say they were fixing the cars and that they didnothing wrong. So far, no one has been charged in connection with anycrime.

None of the cars were damaged, there are no missing parts, and noidentification numbers had been changed. All of those things are,according to police, fairly incriminating signs that cars are stolen.

But, Thomas warns that if stolen cars from eight different areasof the state show up in one place, whoever is responsible will likelystrike again.

Investigators say if you're car has been stolen in the past few monthsor you have any information on this alleged car-theft ring, you are askedto call the DMV headquarters in Fayetteville. The number is 910-486-1331.

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