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Gantt Not Giving Up in Second Race Against Helms

Posted October 16, 1996 12:00 a.m. EDT

— This is Harvey Gantt's second run at a U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina, and it's the former Charlotte mayor's second time in the ring against incumbent Senator Jesse Helms.

Six years ago, Gantt said he had no regrets about his race against Helms, but it was a losing battle. Now, the battle ground is set once again and Gantt says he has a better battle plan and his troops are mobilized.

Gantt's supporters are loyal, and say they believe in what they're working for.

Dee Bowens, a retired teacher, says Gantt has passed her test with flying colors.

Gantt says he has a dedication to good education.

Gantt says he's trying to cover every county in the state before Election Day. His next move is a meeting with Democratic party faithful in Greenville where, he says, he gets a chance to rub elbows with Governor Jim Hunt and still more troops.

An exclusive poll on the Helms-Gantt race will be released Thursday.