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Wallace and Jones

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MONTGOMERY, AL — Former Alabama Governor GeorgeWallace barred the door to the University of Alabama 33 years ago in anattempt to prevent the admission of the school's first African-Americanstudent. Friday, the two met for the first time since that day in 1963under very different circumstances.

Wallace presented Vivan Malone-Jones with an award for courage at aceremony in Montgomery. It is the first award from the Wallace Foundation,formed in memory of Wallace's late wife.

Malone-Jones said she has vivid memories of that long-ago day, but hasfound her way to forgiveness.

Friday, Wallace said he was wrong to do what he did in 1963, but when aDeputy U.S. Attorney General ordered Wallace to allow Malone-Jones andanother black student, James Hood, into the school, the then-governor wasdefiant.

Also in attendance Friday was Robert Kennedy, Jr., whose father wasinstrumental in bringing about the sort of civil rights legislation thatled to Malone-Jones' and Hood's eventual entry into the formerly all-whiteschool. Kennedy said he knew his father would have been happy to see thespirit of this reunion.

Hood also attended Friday's ceremony.

Wallace has been confined to a wheelchair since a would-be assassin'sbullet paralyzed him during a run for the presidency.