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Two Found Dead in Durham

Posted October 4, 1996 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Police believe a domestic dispute may have led to the deaths of a man and woman who were found shot to death Thursday afternoon.

The bodies of 33-year-old Vincent Roberson and 33-year-old Demetriss Clayton were found aabout 4 p.m. in Morreene Manor apartment.

Police say one of the victims was shot several times. A pistol was found in the apartment.

Clayton's relatives say the couple had a violent relationship, and that Roberson had moved to the Morreene Manor apartment from Clayton's home on Dowd Street after a violent confrontation. Clayton, according to her brother, had a restraining order against Roberson, despite the fact they had been seeing a counselor.

The brother said the couple had been together for six years and had five-year-old daughter.