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Speed Limits Go Up on More Highways

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RALEIGH — Drivers on some stretches of NorthCarolina's highways can go a little faster starting Tuesday, and theywon't be breaking the law.

The speed limit will be raised from 55 mph to 60 mph in some areas, andto 65 mph on others. This is the second speed limit change in two months.

The State Department of Transportation is raising limits on nearly 350miles of highway, including a section of U.S. 64 near Raleigh, which wasbuilt to Interstate highway standards and is deemed able to handle carsmoving at higher speeds safely.

These decisions were not made in haste, according to Sgt. JeffWinstead of the Highway Patrol. He says months of studies showed that anincrease in the speed limit did not necessarily lead to higher numbers ofaccidents.

Winstead says they are optimistic that drivers will adjust.

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