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Knightdale Couple Charged With Child Abuse

Posted October 1, 1996 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Nadine Hunter, 20, and her boyfriend Tyrone Bennet have been charged with felony child abuse. Police believe Bennett severely abused Hunter's 2-year-old son while Hunter watched without interfering.

The alleged beatings took place in the couple's Knightdale mobile home three weeks ago. The child was admitted to Wake Medical Center because he was having seizures believed to have been brought on by multiple head and bodily injuries.

Captain T.S. Matthews, of the Wake County Sheriff's Department, says that's when they began questioning Hunter and Bennett.

Police say it took some time to build their case. The arrests were made Tuesday.

Locally, there have been four highly-publicized child abuse cases in the past two weeks. Three of the four children involved have died, but police say that does not mean there's an increase in child abuse. Matthews says it seems that way because these recent cases have been so severe.

Authorities say they think this latest case goes back at least three months. When the injuries go so bad he had to be hospitalized, on September 9, 1996, they felt they had to move in.

In addition to severe head injuries, the boy had a broken arm, a broken leg and two broken ribs, all injuries the police believe went untreated for months.

There was no reaction from neighbors.