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Work Day Turns Violent for Fayetteville Cab Driver

Posted September 24, 1996 12:00 a.m. EDT

— What started out as just another day on the job turned into a violent nightmare for taxi driver John Anderson.

A bullet ripped through his neck as he drove into the Highland shopping center on Raeford Road. He then pulled up in front of a video store and a clothing store blowing his horn to get attention.

Fayetteville police believe the shooting was part of a robbery attempt, with the suspect fleeing through the parking lot. A witness, who asked to remain anonymous, says he saw the gunman take off running.

The violence had some workers and customers at the shopping center shocked and afraid.

Police had help from an observant citizen who saw the suspect climb a fence and discard his jacket, and from an employee at Hillcrest Middle School who saw someone suspicious on school grounds.

School personnel held the 14-year-old suspect until police arrived. The teen was taken into custody, charged with attempted robbery and attempted murder.

The victim remains in serious condition. He has worked for over four years with the Christian Cab Company. A few years ago, another driver with that company was shot and killed while on duty.