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Soldiers React to Arrest in Fort Bragg Swastika...

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FORT BRAGG — Two months ago, symbols of hate litteredan army barracks at Fort Bragg, but now, it appears the message of thevandal may not have been what it appeared.

Red swastikas were painted on eight barracks rooms occupied by African-American Special Operations soldiers. That wasinJuly.

Now, an unidentified black suspect stands accused in connection withthe paintings, but officials at Fort Bragg are not releasing muchinformation about the case which they say is still under investigation.

In custody is a non-commissioned officer, a sergeant assigned to theMilitary Intelligence Company who lived in the barracks where theswastikas were found. Officials have said nothing about a possible motive.

Sergeant Robert Tanner (pictured at right), another Fort Bragg soldier,says he finds itvery hard to understand why a black person would be involved in whatappeared to be a racist act.

Public Affairs Officer Capt. Cabot Gatlin (pictured at left) says itappears racism maynot have been the motivation after all.

When the swastikas were first discovered, Fort Bragg offered a $10,000reward for information leading to an arrest. Even though they now havesomeone in custody, officials say the reward is still offered and theinvestigation is ongoing.

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