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Some State Employees Confused About Work Status

Posted September 10, 1996 12:00 a.m. EDT

— There has been some confusion about the working status of state employees. Some workers who are not considered essential say they have been called in to work.

But, Governor Jim Hunt has declared this week a time for cleaning up after the storm. He announced that all essential state employees should report to work, but says all other state employees should stay home for the rest of this week and help with the clean-up effort. He said employees' annual leave will not be affected by this time off.

Tuesday, he clarified the difference between essential and non-essential staff.

Very simply put, those who must report to work are essential hospital and prison workers, and essential personnel for emergency services in any agency.

All others have the option of not going to work. The governor said people could be more useful helping their neighbors clear trees and debris than sitting at their downtown desks.