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Security Will Be Boosted For NCSU-UNC Football Game

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RALEIGH — Security will be much tighter at Saturday's big football game between North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina. There are a lot of things fans need to know about parking and getting into the stadium.

The N.C. State Public Safety officers are telling fans that if they do not need it, leave it home.

A lot has changed in our world since the last time these two teams clashed on the field. Aside from playing in a renovated stadium, the way one gets into the stadium has changed.

The first thing fans will see in an increased level of security. There will be an increased number of officers at each gate.

N.C.State Department of Public Safety, Raleigh police and Wake County sheriff's deputies will be out in big numbers.

"We'll have about 20 more police officers than we normally have," said Thomas Younce of the N.C. State Department of Public Safety.

If you want to tailgate early, plan on a midmorning brunch.

"We encourage people to come early, gates open at 9 o'clock, people will not be allowed to come into the parking area before nine," Younce said.

The parking area will be locked down Friday night and any cars in the area will be towed away.

Plan on only bringing your ticket and your team spirit to the game.

"We would like to emphasize no backpacks, no big bags and no coolers. Other packs that come in will be subject to inspection," Younce said.

Anything that can be used as a weapon or considered dangerous will not be allowed into the stadium. Officers will look at large items, such as strollers, on a case-by-case basis.

"Of course, people with diaper bags and those kind of things -- we will make an allowance for those, and we welcome those," Younce said.

If you need to leave Carter Finley Stadium during the game and re-enter, there are only four gates where you can do that -- gates 2 and 3 if you park on the west side and gates 8 and 9 if you are on the east side. And plan to go through a complete inspection when you re-enter the stadium.