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Raleigh Firm Helps Bridge Gap Between Different Types Of Radios

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RALEIGH — Earthquakes, hurricanes, or disaster following a terrorist attack can all make communicating a problem for emergency workers and police and fire departments.

"When various organizations arrive they are not able to talk to each other because they're on different frequencies and have radios from different manufacturers. We solved that problem," JPS Communications Executive Vice President Donald Scott said.

JPS designs and builds equipment that connects most forms of radio, telephone and satellite communications. Tiny solid-state components are put together to form the ACU-1000.

"A modular design allows us to interface radios of all types, including encrypted radios, trunking radios, narrow band to wide band, and digital to analog," Scott said.

Cell phone, land-line phone and satellite communications can be added to allow rescuers to use their own radios to talk to other kinds of radios or phones. An operator can use a laptop computer or the system itself to connect individuals or groups

JPS equipment was used during both political conventions and the Super Bowl. Voice-over-the-Internet can also be incorporated into the sytem.

Military groups around the world use the ACU-1000, as do emergency responders in New York, North Carolina, and many other states. And since Sept. 11, JPS is getting many phone calls.