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Two Enfield Women Grateful Loved Ones Survived Terrorist Attack

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ENFIELD — With millions of people in New York the day of the terrorist attack, there are plenty of North Carolina connections. Two women in Enfield have children who escaped the crumbling towers.

Warnie Bishop works in Enfield now, but eight years ago, she was at work on the 37th floor of the second tower the first time the World Trade Center was attacked.

"This is what they tried to do in 1993, and didn't get the results they wanted, so they have figured out a way to bring it down," Bishop said.

But the connection does not end there. Bishop's daughter, Walethia, and sister, Carolyn, are police officers in New York. At first, Bishop figured the two were safe because they do not work in that precinct.

"And then it hit me - disaster - they're mobilized. No one is where they're supposed to be," Bishop said.

It turns out both women were there, but neither was hurt.

Her friend, Delores Ward, is also grateful that her daughter, Lenee, survived.

She would have been in the building next door to the World Trade Center that morning, but was late to work. She stepped off the subway to see people running for their lives, and called her mother on the phone.

"She just said, 'I'm running and I wanted you to know that I am OK. I'm running, I'm with the rest of the people. I'm trying to get out of here.' She was crying, I know she was devastated. I know she was really afraid," Ward said.

Lenee went back to work Wednesday for the first time. Both mothers are hoping their children will come home to visit soon.


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