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Raleigh Officials To Give $1 Million To New York For Relief Efforts

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RALEIGH-DURHAM INTERNATIONAL — A lot of people from the Triangle have stopped what they are doing, and gone to Washington or New York after the terrorist attacks to try and help out. On Wednesday, Raleigh Mayor Paul Coble went to New York to pitch in.

Coble, Fire Chief Earl Fowler, and new Police Chief Jane Perlov left from Raleigh-Durham International Wednesday with a $1 million check for the relief effort. The money was raised in the Raleigh area by firefighters who collected donations in boots at intersections all over town. Local malls took up collections from shoppers, and people also mailed in checks for the relief effort.

A million dollars is a lot of money, but Fowler said it will just scratch the surface of what's needed to help the victims' families.

"Our folks, not only in Raleigh but in Wake County and around the general area, worked very hard to raise this money. Unfortunately, it's not going to be enough. They're going to need millions and millions of dollars to recover from this and to provide for their families for years," Fowler said.

Coble, Fowler, and Perlov will meet with members of the New York police and fire departments, as well as the head of the American Red Cross. Perlov, who was recently sworn in as Raleigh's new chief of police, is a native New Yorker. She was born and raised in the city and said Thursday that she expects it to be a "heartbreaking experience."