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Physical Training Intensifies At Fort Bragg

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Fort Bragg soldiers are continuing with their morning physical training, but many admit the activities are getting tougher.

Coscom soldiers did their workout Tuesday with their fitted gas masks on, something they do periodically throughout the year. The troops also practiced running two miles with injured soldiers on cots. They sprinted with soldiers on their backs and exercised carrying semi-automatic rifles.

Some soldiers say they are anxious as they perform their daily duties.

"I'm thinking that I'm getting to be a better soldier and I'm ready to go over there, if we go over there, then I will do the best that I can, and we will come back winners," said soldier Evan Williams.

By wearing the masks and holding the rifles during their training, soldiers get a more realistic feeling of the physical conditions they may have to overcome in the field.

If a large deployment order is issued at Fort Bragg, a lot of equipment, including ammunition, would head out along with the soldiers.

At the Ammunition Supply Point on post, soldiers and workers are busy preparing for any possible call to action. They are pre-positioning more than $83 million worth of rocket launchers and missiles for deployment.

The idea is to make it easy for trucks to pull up, load up and go.

As part of its daily operations, the Supply Point continues to receive deliveries of ammunition. Some is specifically for training while the rest is for the real thing.


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