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New Program At Rex Hospital Provides Room Service For Patients

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RALEIGH, N.C. — When you picture hospital food, you think tasteless and boring. Usually, you have little or no control over what comes on that tray, but a program at Rex Hospital hopes to change that belief.

The hospital now serves up room service for patients. You get the opportunity to pick what you want and when you want to eat it.

"What we're trying to do is give the patients control over their selections," said Mike Cuddy, Director of Food and Nutrition Services at Rex Hospital. "They can call down anytime between 6:30 in the morning and 6:45 at night and place their selections."

The menu includes a variety of foods.

"We have Eastern Carolina barbecue on the menus. We also have hot dogs with chili and cole slaw," Cuddy said.

Orders come into the diet center. If you are on a special diet, experts help you make the best decision.

"So if the patient is on a cardiac diet for example, just the items on our menu that are cardiac appropriate can be selected," Cuddy said.

Frank Anderson was one of the first patients to try out the service.

"I ordered roast beef and gravy, which was a surprise and then, I had rice with nothing on it and I had broccoli," he said.

Even though Anderson is on a cardiac diet, he had no problem finding something good to eat.

"Well, my wife tells me I'll eat anything. However, I will have to say this was a good meal," he said.

Meals are billed just as they were before. Family members can purchase coupons in the cafeteria and order up a guest tray at anytime for $6.


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