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FAA Considers Ban On Carry-On Luggage

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Federal Aviation Administration

is thinking about making the new airport security rules even tougher. They are considering a ban on all carry-on luggage.

Matt and Lara Layty have no qualms about flying from RDU to California with their daughter, Madeline, but the FAA is talking about eliminating carry-on luggage, which, in turn, might eliminate the ability of families like the Laytys to fly.

"You can't travel with a small child without a carry-on. They need snacks, they need diapers and they need toys, so it would be more than an inconvenience, it would be impossible," said Lara Layty.

Business travelers may not find it impossible, but say it would certainly be difficult for them to fly without their laptop computers and briefcases.

"We're a transient society. We've got to get from one side of the U.S. to the other or to other countries," said passenger John Walsh. "We can't stop doing business, but we're definitely going to have to adjust with whatever changes come about."

The FAA has already banned curbside check-ins and increased security at airport checkpoints. Many passengers do not seem to mind the heightened security measures at the airport.

"Anything that can make us safer, and make us want to travel and make it easier -- whatever they need to do, let them do it," said passenger Violet Lelekakis.

"I have found security to be tight, but reassuring. I don't mind it at all," said passenger Gary Severson.

The FAA is also considering a ban on advance seat assignment. Investigators said they believe that the hijackers in the Sept. 11 attacks may have had someone else put weapons in the seatback pockets on the plane at their assigned seats before boarding.

The new proposal would allow passengers to select seats when they arrive at the airport and not days or weeks in advance.


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