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Interest In Islam, Afghanistan Make Books Tough To Find

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RALEIGH — Ever since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, there has been plenty of talk about the Islamic faith and faraway countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a book on the subjects.

Raleigh's Quail Ridge bookstore has always carried an extensive selection of books on the Middle East, Islam and terrorist Osama bin Laden. Now the store cannot keep the books in stock.

Owner Nancy Olsen says the store has even sold out of a history book on the World Trade Center.

Right now, people cannot seem to get enough information on anything that has to do with recent terrorist attacks or the potential military conflict.

Even libraries are having a hard time keeping readers satisfied. During Y2K, librarian Liz Bartlett saw a high demand for survivalist books and says that she is seeing the trend again.

Bartlett says, for the most part, people simply want to understand more about the people accused of terrorizing our country.

"Is it religious, is it politics, is a cultural difference or is it none of the above? People are just looking for answers," she says.



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