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Business Is Booming At Military Surplus Stores

Posted September 25, 2001 8:02 a.m. EDT

— Gas masks are currently big sellers across the country. Military surplus stores say they cannot keep the lower-priced models in stock.

At G.I. Joe's Army Surplus, empty store shelves used to hold the "Israeli" model gas mask, which normally costs about $20.

"Before, we might have sold one or two a month. Now, we can't keep them. We didn't have very many to begin with and what we did have went very quickly," says Gail Coats of G.I. Joe's.

Other items in demand at the store are anything with the symbols of individual branches of the Armed Services. The store, which typically sells two or three packages of vacuum-packed military meals a week, has sold three cases in the past two weeks.

American flags are also in demand. The store hopes to have a new shipment in by Oct. 1.