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Fort Bragg Prepares For Possible Deployment

Posted September 24, 2001 5:42 a.m. EDT

— At Fort Bragg, there are no new deployment orders, but leaders are getting ready in the event a large number of troops are sent overseas.

Soldiers and staff are checking inventory to make sure they are fully stocked with ammunition, chemical protection suits and other equipment.

Leaders are also looking at staffing issues, and how to provide security at access checkpoints around the base should a large deployment of troops and military police occur.

Options include calling in the reserves, getting authorization to hire and train more government employees or contract out the guard function.

"From a planning standpoint, we have to be prudent in how we approach this particular requirement. So that's why I'm looking now at the various options that are out there so if in fact this were to happen, that we would already have at least an avenue to approach to get personnel in here," says Col. Tad David, Garrison commander.

Leaders have modified some schedules to a 24-hour work cycle to make sure that if a deployment order comes down, that staff is ready to help.

The key is making sure employees do not burn out while waiting for their orders.